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In the trenches with Vertigo Venus

Nikon D7000 vs. Canon 5d Mk2: Video Shootout! (Yeah, I said it.)

So, one night I'm hosting Guerrilla Photo Group at the studio.  It's the usual amalgamation of wacky artist types.  It's packed.  There are cocktails, cameras and scantily-clad models running and flashing in all directions.  Wait.  The cameras are flashing, not the models.  Anyway, as it happens, mad-scientist-whiz-producer (and friend) Brian Botkiller is in the crowd.  On this night, apparently, he's got an agenda in mind for me.  Botkiller is an interesting fellow... multifaceted, witty, sharp-minded, techno-saavy, an excellent musician and good lookin' to boot.  Imagine if Siouxsie Sioux went three-way with Scottie from Star Trek and a male model.  The lovechild, if it were possible, would be Botkiller.  His approach to me is subtle, delicate.  He walks straight over to me and pipes up: "Hey,, I want you to work on a video project with my band."  I retort, in astonishment "What?!? You're in a band?  What do you play?"...

I jest.  In fact, I am well aware of "the band" that he's in.  Botkiller, along with Jeff Cannon, Chris Cannon, Jess Crockett and Kenneth Cornell are synthpunk media-darlings Vertigo Venus.  They are, basically, "like putting The Dead Kennedys, New Order, and Twisted Sister into a blender and hitting 'Awesome.'”  I like 'em... the band AND the individuals.

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