Downtown Albuquerque Photography Studio

The Space

The flexible 1000 sq, ft space is divided into the following areas:

  • Lobby/Lounge - Seating area with refrigerator and a small gallery area (great for craft services.)
  • Shooting Space - Open (27'x16'5") floorplan with 12' ceilings.
  • Dressing Room - Makeup station with large mirror, shower and rest room
  • Office/Client Review Area - 2nd-Story Comfortable seating with a color calibrated 43-inch 4k review monitor (by appointment only.)


  • 8x Alien Bees/PCB Studio Strobes up to 5900 effective WS (1x AB1600, 3x AB800, 1x AB400, 3x WL5000)
  • 2x (up to 8x channel) Alien Bee remote level controls (wired.)
  • Pocket Wizard radios (professional & reliable)
  • Backdrops & Softs - (Seemless paper and muslins up to 10x30)
  • Full compliment of add-ons, modifyers, etc - Light Stands (13' Air-Cushioned, Mediums, Babies, Booms, etc.), Soft Boxes (24"x36", 30"x40", 2x 30"x60", 72" Octa), Large 8'x8' jointed reflextor panels; Barndoors, Grids Sets, Gel Holders, Gels, etc.
  • Grip Equipment - C-Stands; Dozens of difusion panels and flags (up to 4'x8'), Ladder(s), clamps, 10x Manfrotto Autopoles, 40 linear feet of Unistrut ceiling rigging with 4x hardpoints (trapeze, silks, lyra, etc.), Manfrotto fluid head tripod, etc.
  • Amenities - Fast Wi-Fi (4x routers in facility), CD/iPod connection, bottled water, lots of free fenced parking and MORE!

Rental Pricing

The "everything but the camera" pricing below is all-inclusive: lights, radios, backdrops, soft goods, modifiers, grip, parking and other amenities (including all reasonable expendable charges*.) If you just need the space without all the gear, either because you'll bring your own, or because none is required (e.g. hosting a meeting, casting call, etc.), take a 33% discount. That works out to only $41/hour for a full day!

  • Hourly = $75/hour
  • Half Day (4 hours) = $275
  • Full Day (8 hours) = $500
  • Monthly Co-Op (16 hours in 2-4 hour blocks) = $800

*Client is responsible for any damage (whether intentional, accidental or negligent) to facility or equipment.


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